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Beaulieu Pre-Birth Pics Beaulieu Babies! Mom's gone :-(

The purpose of this site is to encourage communication about the family past and present. Family being the Marches, Bulgers, Blakers, Haynes, Hanfords, Seniors, Beaulieus, et al. We want to help everyone keep in touch and to generally have fun.

Posting of pictures, articles, reminiscing, recipes all encouraged. One of the benefits will be if someone takes a wonderful vacation, is ill, lands a new job, has a baby, adopts a pet etc, you only have to tell people about it once. We would like to encourage regularly scheduled chats in the chat room.

This family is never short of opinions on issues, our forum will be the venue that you can use to reach everybody. We would like this site to be the next best thing to sitting in the Hunt's Point living room in front of the fire!

We are still very much under construction. All are encouraged to send content and suggestions for same.